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Warning- This site is not for normal people. If you are normal please delete this site from your computer as the contents may frighten you past psychiatric help. This site is for US. If you have ever been labeled as odd, a geek, a nerd, a freak, an introvert or just plain weird then please come in and get infected. Element245 Entertainment, Inc. (EEI) intends to become a significant provider of entertainment content games, eBooks, and graphic novels in the Science Fiction/ Horror/ Adventure genres for personal mobile devices. Element {245} Zombie The Collectable Card Game: Bringing Element {245} Universe from the mind 0f Paul McConnell to life chapter by chapter is the basic concept of the collectible card game. In each book, 4 chapters will be brought into the game as a chapter in the game. For example, approximately chapters 1-4 in the book will be chapter 1 for gameplay. This may not be the correct break for the book vs. gameplay. This will depend on the action and information contained in the chapters. However, this is a general guidance we will follow in the series. The first Alpha is scheduled for release in the summer of 2016. Element {245} Zombie Mobile Game: The story allows users to create a custom character based on a number of arch-types. The archetypes may include: ex-mall-cop, a veteran home on leave, a doctor with a specialty in infectious diseases, a computer student, an unknown Fed/G-man, a business suit and a grade school teacher. Each character will have benefits depending on where you go or what you find within the game. For example- shooting a gun, the veteran will hit more often. If a journal is found the doctor will be able to decode it for virus identification. A computer student will be able to hack things, etc. While this first list in chapter one is short, more will be added with each additional chapter and with the ability to pick up additional skills your character creation becomes part of the strategy for surviving the game. You start with a few of the basic attributes and skills needed to just barely get through. But the big question is, “How are you going to shape and equip your character to survive the pending zombie apocalypse?”    
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Element 245 Book 1: Zombie

Element {.245} Zombie

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The Rai Chemical Corporation is an unknown agency with a hidden agenda. The product they produce you do not want and the secrets they keep can only lead to the death of every man woman and child on the planet. When an outbreak escapes the walls of Rai they send their usual team of specialists to handle it (the Zombie Termination Patrol). When an experiment goes wrong the zombies fall under the control of Zombie Prime, a thinking zombie that can lead the horde in a mad quest to conquer mankind. When ZTP Team 6 responds they are unaware of Zombie Prime and dire consequences result. In hopes of stopping the zombie plague, the Rai Corporation dispatches their number one DSI (Department of Supernatural Investigations) Agent in the hopes of stopping the zombie menace before it sweeps the globe. Will Agent Romero save the day or will the zombies ravage all of mankind?
Element {.245} Zombie

Element {.245} Zombie


 The element has been released and the ZTP (Zombie Termination Patrol) have their hands full. When the scientists create an intelligent zombie things get out of control. Can Agent Romero stop the flesh-munchers before they break containment and take over the world?

 Element{.245} VampireElement {.245} Vampire

COMING IN OCTOBER OF 2016!!!! A vampire is haunting a settlement in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains in the year 1701. The settlement fights back and manages to capture the vampire after a short period of carnage. He is cursed by God and presumed to be locked away in the earth forever. Enter the Rai Chemical Corporation and a young archeologist out to make a reputation for himself. He digs up the still living predator of innocence so that it may be experimented on by Rai. After decades of torture and experimentation, the vampire manages to escape to take his revenge on the current century. Enter a new type of vampire and the DSI have their hands full. Even with the help of two young vampire hunters will Agent Romero be able to stop the rage of an ancient vampire as well as stop the spread of a vampire horde. The blood flows from more places then the neck in this horror novel. Witness the fall of a super agent and the birth of a new kind of evil.
 Element{.245} Werewolf Element {.245} Werewolf COMING IN THE SPRING OF 2017!!! The Ancient Vampire Ramses hires a Ninja to assassinate a werewolf leader igniting an Infected war. Can Agent Spohn control the carnage before it spills into the streets?
The Element 245 Universe
In the real world vampires don’t care about human emotions. Werewolves run top executive companies and zombies do what zombies do, eat flesh. Up to this point the United States has managed to keep this secret with the Ramses Amendment. It forbids news organizations and regular government officials from exposing any knowledge of the Supernatural world. We don’t mind the infected as long as they stay in their place and feed upon the easily forgotten, however when the infected stray from their restricted path the DSI are called in. An elite organization of men and women trained to execute the infected. These chronicles follow the path of their elite agent James Romero and the team that work with him. The infected do not take prisoners, life is not fair, people die, characters die and everyone is manipulated by the Rai Chemical Company. The Element {.245} series is a brutal in your face assault of love, lust, greed, corruption and heroes for mature audiences. Even the villains believe they are heroes. The series tells the story from not only the DSI perspective, but also the view point of Ramses, the oldest vampire on the planet and other infected as they go through their daily lives feeding and encountering the agents that spell their doom. The balance of power shifts and even the fate of the world becomes unsure. Follow the ten book series, if you dare.
Book I: Zombie Book II: Vampire Book III: Hive Book IV: Werewolf Book V: The Society Book VI: Ramses Book VII: Infected Book VIII: Outbreak Book IX: Australia
The Company
Element {245} Entertainment In 1982 in the small town of Gate City, Virginia something wonderful happened that would one day change the face of Entertainment Media. Two young teens Paul and Robert met while attending High School. Having similar interests, they quickly became best friends and began to spend many summer nights talking about all of the incredible things that they had created in their minds. This friendship continued until Paul graduated and joined the Airforce. Rob did the same when he graduated, but the two were never able to get stationed near each other. Paul continued his flights into fantasy by beginning his writing career and getting out of college to become a successful Language Arts teacher in middle school. Selling his stories wherever he could he managed to create a script and produce a film based on his second novel. Unfortunately, the books never made their way into the hands of larger publishers and only enjoyed small print runs. Yet even though the print runs were low the demand was high and his first novel Element {.245} Zombie could only be found on Amazon for a whopping $299.00. Robert went on to pursue his passion for quantum physics and computer science. Working for the government (if I told you where I’d have to kill you) he became instrumental in cyber defense and enjoyed a prolific career defending our country from behind a keyboard. Flash forward to 2014 when these two friends found each other again. Now into computer game construction Rob had a genius program without a story and Paul had an incredible ten book series with no way to launch it. Element 245 Inc. was born.
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